• Nisey Rashad

Ungrateful Bitter Bitch

Attending this United Masters conference kind of has me feeling like an ungrateful bitch. Of course they were dropping mad jewels from time to time and no doubt hearing the various idiosyncrasies of an artist journey was extremely beneficial. But it also left me feeling a tad bitter. Listening to someone else’s journey only reminds me that I’m here, listening to you, talk about your success instead of working on my own. Clearly everyone is not feeling that way because damn near 8,000 people started to tap in at once, so I am obviously the issue here. I’m starting to think that these seminars have taken me as far as they can. I mean really how many times do I need to be given free guidance before I put it to action (Spotify, United Masters). Even ole boy from brick squad said there is not a secret to success, so why am I wasting my time attempting to search for it instead of just going for it. Fuck it. Imma just log out because I would rather be recording.

Also, I'mma only be posting once a month cuz I got work to do. So make sure you subscribe.

Love ya'll


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