• Nisey Rashad

It's Weird

Living in a world that’s oh so strange. Don’t you let your focus change. I remember singing those lyrics because they sounded real cool and I thought I sounded just like her. But then you realize the world is really full of some strange ass people that do weird ass shit. You want to comment on it. Smack that bitch in her mouth because she’s only talking that way because she thinks she can. She ain’t never been checked before. Not for real. But then you stop and realize that hypothetical bitch is just a distraction. People like that already know they ain’t necessary for the task at hand. So she acting out. Trying to drag a mf down with her. As soon as you give her, or him, no need to be sexist, the type of action they say they want, suddenly we have a misunderstanding. We must have had some sort of miscommunication. Oh bitch now you misspoke? That’s some strange energy. It’s probably best I just focus on what I’m doing over here. It's sunny around these parts.

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