• Nisey Rashad

I got Two Homes

Boi, let me tell you something. Like OMG! I am so excited to go on vacation. I cannot wait to go back home. Granted LA is dope. Plus, now that I’ve started to figure out how the people operate and think out here I am definitely comfortable with calling the city my forever home. But ain’t nothing like a blueberry biscuit from Bojangles off Godby. Mother fuckin JR CRICKETS!!! I haven’t been home in a few years, obviously, but that shit better still be there. I can’t wait to talk normal without being self-conscious. I can’t wait to have an attitude for no fuckin reason and a random person say some shit like, “Stop lookin so sad shawty damn.” LOL. Do I know this person? Nope and they don’t give a fuck. Bitch don’t kill my vibe type shit. LOL. I guess I just kind of feel like I need a spiritual recharge at times. Something to keep me grounded as I search for a place to plant roots of my own. Which of course would be LA.

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