• Nisey Rashad

Good & Broke

Life is good. I’m still broke tho. LOL. I find it interesting that people like to debate about giving what they owe but don’t seem to have a problem accepting services for broken promises. Anythow, I can’t wait to move because the vibe over there is A1. New music coming and I really like the songs which is something new. Coachella got canceled but here’s hope to the fall lineup. Do people still throw back to school concerts? Just asking that question aged me by 10 years. LOL. The fuck it is really real this year. I’m so done with dealing with other people’s nonsense and baggage that I’ve just decided to say fuck it and do me. Authentically of course because you know there is always that one person or that side of the family that I’ve made an exception for. But nope. Fuck them too. Life is good and I have no choice but to be happy. Which seems like a weird thing to say, or admit until you realize you’ve been around miserable people who couldn’t figure out how to love themselves so instead they encourage self-hate in others. I probably should have called this post epiphany ramblings. Rambles of Epic. Nah that shit sounds dumb. LOL. Epic Rambles. 🤷‍♀️

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