• Nisey Rashad

Constant Patience

Just did my first 24 hours in 2021 and I can already tell this is gonna be the year I practice patience. I honestly feel kinda stuck in limbo. I got more money going out than I have coming in (which is absolutely NADA) but I’m definitely learning my priorities when it comes to money. I think I’ve made some good investment choices when it comes to investing in myself. I’m just curious how long it’s gonna take to see a return. I know things don’t happen overnight but they should at least be happening. I got some things happening tho. New music and shit. I’m also learning how to say no which is pretty cool. Like the business version of saying no because I’m quick to remove myself from an uncomfortable situation. But sometimes it ain’t even got to get that far and we can just go our separate ways. Who knew my work life and love life would intertwine so easily. I don’t know. I’m just gonna move through this year by faith.

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